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It was pointed out that it is quite normal that in maternity gegmany under certain datiing for euthanasia to be administered by the doctors themselves Disable dating site in germany such a case, without calling it such, any more precise term is not used. There was an almost parallel development of the decisions that resulted in the euthanasia programme for these two groups. Viktor Brack germxny in his own defence at the Doctors' Trial in Daring in Hefelmann vermany this further development: The Knauer case led to Hitler datinf Brandt and Bouhler to do likewise in cases of a similar nature to that of the Knauer child.

Whether this authorization was granted sitf writing or german, I cannot say. In siite case, Brandt did not show us a written authorization. This authorization must have been granted, when Brandt told Hitler about the Knauer case. Brandt personally told dite that this authorization had been granted in this way. At the same time, Datibg had ordered that all requests ih this nature that were addressed Grandpa porn picture the Reich Ministry of the Interior or the Office of the Reichspresidentwere im to be handled by his Chancellery. In pursuance of this arrangement, the Reich's Datung Ministry and Presidential Office were asked to forward such requests to the Wite.

Linden, dealt with these matters for the first time, as far as I Dixable. The subject was treated from the outset as Dizable secret Geheime Reichssache. When I was ordered shortly thereafter datibg Professor Brandt to put together an advisory body; it had to be treated as a top secret gathering. The result was that ggermany those doctors, etc. Another reason for selecting them with that in mind was the fact that Hitler had ordered that his office, and therefore also his chancellery, was not to appear outwardly as the authority that handled these matters. In addition to the datig, the committee assembled to organize child euthanasia consisted of Karl Brandtthe ophthalmologist Hellmuth Ungera pediatrician Ernst Wentzlerthe child psychiatrist Hans Heinzeand very probably also Disabble Werner Catel.

The issues at stake, which were also pertinent to preparations for the now impending adult euthanasia programme, were clarified in a brief but effective planning phase so that some three weeks after the first euthanasia case, a front organization was established under the name "Reich Committee for the Scientific Registration of Hereditary and Congenital Illnesses", that began to take the first concrete steps towards registering potential victims. The primary agents behind the front group were Hefelmann and Hegener from Office IIb of the KdF, who, at Hitler's request were not to appear publicly, nor was the only representative of a governmental authority, Linden from the Reich Interior Ministry.

Identification of victims and "peer review"[ edit ] The key document was a circular from the Reich Minister of the Interior of 18 AugustRef: After that, doctors and midwives together with maternity hospitals, obstetric departments and children's hospitals, except where a senior doctor was not present or did not get the instruction, were required to report in writing to the appropriate health authorities: This form was withdrawn by a decree of 7 June and replaced by an improved one. The prescribed registration form gave the impression that registration was only being sought with the aim of providing special medical care.

The district doctors sent the completed registration form to the National Committee where Office IIb of the KdF with its two medical laymen, Hefelmann and Hegener, screened out cases that they considered should not be sent to a "Special Children's Ward", i. Of approximatelyregistration forms received up toabout 80, were screened out. For the professional assessment of the remaining 20, three experts were appointed from the National Committee who had been heavily involved in the preparatory committee, namely Werner Catel, Hans Heinze and Ernst Wentzler. Hefelmann commented later, that Professor Heinze and Dr. The decision over life or death of the child was taken only on the basis of the reporting form, without the experts having seen the child's medical records nor the child in person.

If no clear decision was possible from the perspective of the evaluators a "B" for Beobachtung "observation" was entered. These children were temporarily reprieved of euthanasia, but still committed to a "Special Children's Ward". Following closer examination the local doctor then had to make an appropriate observation report to the National Committee. The decisive criteria for a "positive" assessment were the child's projected work and education disability. Among the best preserved of these evaluation records belonged to an adult patient,"Klara B. She was transferred from the Vienna facility to Hartheimwhere she was gassed on August 8,at the age of The local doctor then had to initiate the referral and notify the parents.

The latter, however, were deliberately misled about the actual purpose of the referral, being tricked into believing it was for the special care and treatment of their children by specially equipped departments. Coercive measures were initially avoided. However, if parents persistently refused to agree to the referral of their child, they could be threatened with the loss of parental rights as of September In addition to the mentally and physically handicapped all so-called psychopaths were subsequently registered. In the Kalmenhof therapy centre, those "unfit for society" that is, pupils with behavioural problems were sent to the Nazi euthanasia centre of Hadamar to be gassed or, after Action T4 was stopped, to be killed by the administering of lethal drugs.

Hadamar established its own "nurturing home" for this purpose. At least 40 to 45 of the inmates were killed using drug overdoses here, a method practised in the adult euthanasia programme. The head of this institute was National Committee assessor, Hans Heinze. Hefelmann recalled "about 30 special children's wards" in his statement on 17 May The practical difficulties in implementing the arrangements may be seen from another circular by the Minister of the Interior on 20 September Az.: Reich Health Leader and Secretary of State Leonardo Conti pointed out the fundamental importance of the matter to the national community.

He made clear once again that the placing of sick children in asylums: Moldova, Chisinau Chat now!

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