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Hiking -- Our youth took a hike in the snow in the Appalachian mountains. At the end of the trail was a ward member's cabin with hot chocolate and sandwiches awaiting us. It was beautiful, connected us all with nature, and created a Xxx vdeo sense of unity with the youth. The snowball fight at the end was a lot of fun, too. River rafting Dating panel questions lds Our stake has a tradition of having the Priests and Laurels of the stake float down a river every May. We stop half-way down the river for a picnic.

There are a few rapids on the river, but for the most part it's just a leisurely ride filled with water fights and fun. Water balloon night -- We had fun with water balloons one summer night for an activity. We had balloon tosses. We also had a balloon catapult competition using surgical tubing and a baseball mitt as the catapult. We also had relay races with water balloons and ended the night with ice cream. Life-size Clue -- We mapped out a life-size Clue game in the cultural hall using masking tape. Classes and quorums became the "players" as we went from room to room looking for clues to guess who committed the crime!

Life as a missionary -- This can be done as part of a joint activity or just with individual classes. You can have different stations set-up showing the life of a missionary. For example, have an ironing board and iron set-up to give the youth the opportunity to practice and learn how to iron a shirt. Another station can be cooking Top-Raman in the kitchen, etc. Etiquette -- Invite someone known for their social graces to the youth activity night. Talk about manners, table etiquette, how to greet individuals, etc. Dating panel -- Invite a combination of older youth and youth leaders to participate in a dating panel.

Sports ideas -- Basketball, 5-k races, steal-the flag, mock track meets, croquet, balloon basketball, ping pong, tennis, etc. Lake party -- Have a lake party to kick off a new school year. Caving -- Find a cave preferrably non-commercial to go to as a youth group. Be sure to take proper gear change of clothes, flash lights, extra set of batteries, helmets, etc. Melissa January 28, at 1: Once our budgeted cash is gone, we stop spending money. Thanks for being on the panel Lera, you and Greg are so sweet together: Work to improve yourself and learn new things. Which, at this point, is null and void because I'm not. I couldn't fake that if I wanted the guy with my whole soul Definitely don't tell him you've had an "impression.

Because we have no way to control the Lord's timing. To which, of course, we argue that 1 Sometimes sleep is MUCH more important than blow-drying and curling our hair.

We talked Datint job and money troubles. On Greg's first week in the singles ward, my father spoke during sacrament meeting. Currently, we have no set number and plan to continue adding to our family until it feels right. Also, another major piece of advice was to "Step out of our comfort zones.