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There are flights to many of the Renconhre popular trekking regions. Plan at least two weeks nepalaixe any serious long distance hike in Nepal. You need time to reach your final destination, and to hike back down again. In some cases you can hike in a nealaise Annapurnaor take a return flight from your final destination. Time Nepslaise needed to Rencongre at high altitude. Rencontre femme nepalaise weeks is a minimum, but three or four is more realistic. In popular hiking regions you will find marvellous teahouses or lodges, not only in the villages but also in between. Staying overnight is cheap, but as a guest Rebcontre are expected to take meals too.

Rehcontre peak season, in October, femm can be difficult to find a place for the night, and you may have to settle for a second choice hotel. This is the Renconfre picture of course; in the remote west and east of Nepal, where hiking hasn't boomed yet, quantity and quality of lodges is less. In most restricted area's, when hiking with a group, setting up camp every night is the rule. Not in restricted areas, where you need to join a group tour. But particularly the popular hiking regions are quite safe, also for the individual hiker. Exceptions are the high mountain passes, but more about these later.

Whether or not to hire a porter is mainly your personal choice. No need to feel embarrassed, it is an ordinary profession, and many of these young guys will later have a career as guide or entrepreneur. Dozens, even hundreds of travel agencies are eager to organise your trek. Prepare yourself well by reading good quality travel guides. Of course, safety is a relative notion in any country in the world. But probably Nepal is safer than your home country. Are communist rebels dangerous? No, they never were, and now they have even joined government, adding the occasional fireworks to Nepalese politics.

Can women safely travel alone? Yes, Nepalese treat all tourists, and women in particular, with respect. Do not ever drink water from taps or streams. Filter your water, or buy it at a so-called "Safe drinking water station". If you buy bottled water elsewhere in any obscure little shop, always check the date and if it is sealed properly. Stick to the national dish: Dal Bhat rice and lentils. Don't eat fresh salads. Don't eat ice cream. Altitude sickness can be prevented: Never push yourself to the limit, not even to keep up with your companions.

Nausea and headaches do not mean immediate danger, but are a warning to take a rest. Bring your own medicine-kit. The cold at high altitude is life-threatening.

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Bring a down-filled jacket, a warm nepaaise and gloves. Wear sturdy, Rrncontre mountain boots. If you plan to cross a high pass, don't go alone. Leave as early as possible and walk slowly at a steady pace. Refuser un mariage au Nepal signifie souvent endettement de la famille et querelles Rencongre sein Rencontre femme nepalaise village. Mon histoire, mes rencontres et ma condition de femme m'ont ouvert les yeux. Fe,me me efmme investie d'une mission, celle de leur donner de l'espoir. I come from a small village located in one of the most corrupted states of India, Bihar.

Since my early age I've been witnessing horrors inflicted on women. In my own village, in my own family. Forced marriage, intimidation, domestic violence are really common. At the age of 11 my brother helped me flee from my village and start a new life in Kathmandu. He taught me sewing and I started working for small factories. At the age of 17 I employed my first women and Local women's handicrafts was born. Nowadays I would like to build a new place to provide a safe and stable environnement for the women I employ. I've borrowed money to buy the land and started the building works on the construction a few weeks ago.

None of this would have been possible without the support of many people. Leslie St John is one of them. Fate, chance, or whatever you call it, put this man on my road.

He's become my friend, my protector and my teacher. He taught me everything and opened my mind to the outside world. He introduced me to internet and computers, English, mathematics, philosophy and art. Since I was 12 years old he has contributed to my education.