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These are also known as channels. Private chxt chat messages are also displayed in the chat window. Tabs will be shown across the top of the chat application if you are having multiple conversations, and you can click Nich chat sex the tabs to switch between conversations. User List The user list is on the right side of the chat application and it is scrollable. Start a Private Chat PM, Private Message To open a new private conversation, you can either wait for someone to message you, or you can pick someone from the user list. In either case, a new tab will open at the top of the chat application with the person you chose to chat with.

If you see a name you want to private chat with, click it.

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This opens a se and you Nich chat sex choose "PM" for cjat message. It will open a new tab to start a private conversation with that user. You must transition naturally Nich chat sex subtly dex where things are headed. Simple, logistical questions are the best. The two that have always Nih for me are: Women are extremely intuitive. Immediately, one of two things always happen: She knows this is getting into sdx territory. Now guide her throughout the incredible experience. Take charge and instruct her Start telling her how to use her hands. Then over the front of her panties. Then to slide her underwear down. Then to tease around and in between her lips.

Then to rub her fingers gently over her clit and so on. Tell her how much you want her You want to reinforce how sexy she is and how you love every second of it. Encourage her to continue indulging in her pleasure. I always let a girl know things like: Have her admit how she wants sex with you! These are chat channels, use them so. Do not write in all capital letters, our Bot will kick you for it and it is seen as rude behavior in a chat. No gender bending Do not portray yourself as a gender you are not or impersonate another chatter. See below for how to send a PM private message. Do not impersonate other members.

Doing so may result in a ban without any further warning. Do not intentionally evade a ban. You must wait until your ban expires or is removed.