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Online ticket FAQs General information I purchased several online tickets for family members, and my personal details are on all of them. Is this a problem? Every online ticket has a unique bar code number. Each family member can enter the fair with a ticket even if it is in another person's name. I found another site selling tickets to the Art Basel in Miami Beach show, can I get my tickets there too? Please make sure to purchase the tickets via the official online ticket shopand never from unknown third parties. Tickets may not be copied or reproduced. Don't risk missing the show!

How often can my online ticket be used? Your ticket is checked at the turnstiles at the entrance. If, however, you purchased a permanent ticket, you may enter and exit the fair as often as you like on show days, December 7 to 10,during show hours. What happens if I forget my online ticket? If this happens, please contact one of the hosts at the entrance area of the exhibition or at the box office. Downloading and printing your ticket How do I get my online ticket? You will receive your ticket s as an attachment in a confirmation email. You will receive two files: You can save them to your computer and print them at home or download them to your mobile.

What system do I need in order to print the online ticket? Can I print my ticket more than once? Yes it is possible to print your ticket multiple times. The barcode on it is scanned when you enter the fair.