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Last July, as Israeli troops were engaged in house-to-house fighting on the streets of Gaza, she wrote on her Facebook page: I am neither left nor right. I am neither religious nor secular. Israeli, woman, Arab Muslim. Escaping her national heritage in school proved impossible, however. Aharish was bullied and would sometimes find graffiti calling her a dirty Arab scribbled on the bathroom walls. Lucy Aharish Facebook page Aharish praised her high school principal Meir Cohen, later to become Dimona mayor and most recently minister of welfare and social services as a member of the Yesh Atid party, for his uncompromising stance against racism.

He would stop the school day every time graffiti was written about me. Racism is something that no decent society, and especially not Jewish society, can tolerate.

No human being deserves to be humiliated like that. Are you a victim? The day we Arabs stop viewing ourselves as victims will be the day we can start progressing and demanding our rights. Dating in arab sit see it as an act of resistance to the continuing Israeli terror in Gaza and the West Bank. On the other hand, we cannot accept hostages being harmed or killed. The goal is to use them as bargaining chips for releasing prisoners. How do we deal with the fact that people think Arabs are the enemy? Please to find these sons of dogs. On March 12,he shared the video on Facebook, writing [in French]: Look at the work carried out by the Chinese in Cameroon.

They kidnap little girls [and] take them into the bush to kill them. The video of the young girl who is killed by men [sic]. I want you to share this video with all of your contacts so that the entire world knows that is going on in my country, Cameroon, [with] unpunished murders.

A survivor of terror, Israel’s first Arab news presenter is done being a victim

One viewer posted on the Observers Facebook group on March 12,writing [in French]: Apparently, this took place in Cameroon. Could you verify if this is authentic? The men in the video Dating in arab sit Brazilian Portuguese with an accent typical of the southeastern part of the country, according to several native Brazilians consulted by the FRANCE 24 Observers team. Then, the men start speaking to the convulsing victim: The image above shows several screengrabs from the video. A local Brazilian press agency shared this footage, and while the Brazilian press agency was unable to establish the details of this incident, it did report that the video was filmed in Brazil.

Video leads to widespread denunciations of racism This video has been viewed more than 60, times since March 8. I will show you a video where a young African girl is shamefully murdered in cold blood in an Arabic country. In his video commentary, Guy claims that the young woman is African and that she was beaten up by a group of Saudi men in a potato field in Saudi Arabia.