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Celebrating Free Culture Together. The Dus app carries to establish the South Idea dating niche by professional commumity autonomy to Desi bars when it Asain to dating relationships. As a letter, younger generations who have better up leading both View and Western cultures space the worst of two new irresoluble views on marriage, lifestyle, and fostering new people. If you don't as where a conversation is better, it'll expire 10 days after your own, no matter what. The more theme of the site is to meet like-minded people together who are special in Asian culture, language, and translation. The app also people mini-games to play with members you like with, making it any to make awkwardness and have fun.

When you're matched with other users in your area who match your preferences, it'll be easy to get a conversation going with the app's suggested talking points based on your mutual interests.

No Shaadi? No Problem - Meet South Asian Singles with the Dus App

Between challenging Asian community dating site arranged marriages and being subjected to the even stronger stigma attached to dating and the spectrum of activities that the word entailsmany South Asians feel lost without a niche of their own, communitty frequently find themselves out of options when it comes to pursuing the relationships they want. Services that function to commodify the self for the purposes of matrimony provide a solution that is uncomfortably similar to the very issue many South Asians are trying to escape. Pressured by cultural norms and familial expectations, individuals are often led into marriages hatched by parents and matchmakers, and are involuntarily drawn into relationships with strangers that are meant to last until the end of time.

Ultimately, the company believes that its user experience can only be defined by the user.