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The threesome practice in Kriesel's parents' house and play their first shows in Santa Cruz and San Francisco. The band, originally called Manic Subsidal, changes its name to The Offspring.

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The band pioneers its DIY method by glueing the sleeves together at Kriesel's house. Sixteen-year-old Ron Welty becomes the fourth member Blackball singles dating The Offspring after the original drummer leaves to devote more time to school. With punk producer Thom Wilson T. The band signs to Epitaph and record their second album, Ignition. After a record release party in Fullerton, CA draws 25 diehard fans, the album goes on to sell more than 1 million albums worldwide. The band tours the U. Smash, their second album for Epitaph, is released. The disc sells more than 11 million copies worldwide, the most ever for a band on an indie label, after "Come Out Blackball singles dating Play" becomes a gigantic MTV hit.

The album peaks at 4 on the Billboard Top albums chart. Dexter and Greg start Nitro Records. Nitro also reissues the band's self-titled debut on CD for the first time. Times praised the album as "richly varied and thoroughly smart. When Americana is released in November, worldwide sales climb past the 10 million mark, thanks to the catchy single and MTV video. The group follows its tour of the U. The group is hit with a cease-and-desist order from file-sharing service Napster after offering T-shirts sporting the company's famed logo for sale on the band's website.

The band defends its actions, claiming they were simply "sharing" the logo with fans. The band spawns more controversy when they decide to offer their new album Conspiracy Of One free of charge via the Internet prior to its initial November release date. Fans who go on to buy the record are awarded membership in the Offspring Nation digital fan club, receiving exclusive downloads of unreleased material, advance ticket sales, guarded chats with the band and more. Sony Music doesn't agree and threatens a lawsuit. The band avoids the lawsuit by making individual singles available on their official website and MTV Online.

We think it's a very cool way to reach our fans. Dave Meyers directs the video. In July, they play a benefit concert with T. In September, they open the Kerrang! Said the venerable metal mag: Tonight's award nails not only The Offspring's glorious past, but their ongoing relevance. Drummer Ron Welty leaves the band. Holland announces the record will be called Chinese Democracy as an obvious tweak to Axl Rose, who had previously announced that was the title to the new Guns N Roses album he's been working on for much of the past decade. The Away team choose their players for frames before handing the card to the Home team.

Each player can only play once per section. If a player is not present to sign the card at the start of the section then they cannot play in that section, players arriving late are eligible to play in any sections yet to be started. Blackball League Format Teams are placed into divisions of Each team will play the others in their division twice; once at home, once away. All teams in the league are entered into the Team Knockout Cup. Teams that don't progress to the last 16 of the Cup are entered into the Shield competition.

The top two teams will be promoted for the next Winter season. The bottom two Blackball singles dating will be demoted for the next Winter season. Other Information Rearrangements Winter Season: Teams may request a maximum of two matches to be rearranged. Should an additional request be made, it will be denied and the requesting team will default the match with a loss and no penalty, subject to giving 24 hours notice. The SRPL must be made aware of any rearrangements made between team captains. The last league match of the season is the same for all teams. If Captains are unable to negotiate a rearranged date, the committee will allocate a non-negotiable date for you.

If there are insufficient weeks in which to rearrange a match before the end of the season, neither team will receive a penalty but both are likely to be lower in their division due to playing less matches. Rearrangements are not permitted in the Summer season. With the league average of 7.