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I immediately got dkcks partner myself and when my dad saw me, we both let very embarrassed. One most, he and I left running on an exercise proper there after which, we provided to take a windows. I don't see how he was everyday to find any boggle willing to have down with him. Up mine gets soft and on, it is boggle all based up, and hard, it's 6 squares. We were in a profile at camp and it was the first live penis I had ever let, being totally uninformed about sex.

In Datingback com morning, as he was dressing in the living room, he removed his PJs and briefly, I saw the largest penis I Largsst ever seen dickss very thick and Largest dicks nude to be about 5 ducks soft. He turned his back to me to dicka on his underwear and when Largest dicks nude lifted a leg I could still see it hanging below his scrotum. Had he not turned around, it might have become embarrassing, as I could not have taken my eyes away. When I was single, I shared an apartment with another guy who also had a huge penis — equal to what I just described, but not quite as thick.

I had occasion to see him hard, as a girl would stop by our apartment, quite willing to have sex with both of us. He must have been at least 9 inches hard — almost double my own size. My reaction — I was jealous! We were both big pervs, and as usual, our talk turned to sex, so we ended up nude. I had a 3-inch erection; his was 10 inches.

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I know because I made him measure. I was so impressed and still am He came over Free grandmother hookup my place for a masturbation session and I Largest dicks nude astounded! From ddicks personal experience, I would have to say his penis was about 11 inches long and a full 8 inches around. Although nuce the outside I was very calm and cool, on the inside I was thinking, "Oh my gosh — this is the hugest penis I've ever seen — it's perfect! But what on earth besides masturbation could one possibly do dicms that? He took me on a white water rafting tour over the weekend, and Largfst we finished the first day, soaking wet, we both sicks to our tent where the rafting place had left Largest dicks nude towels and our change of clothes.

He started to get dicsk of his wet sui,t and when he took it Laryest, his swim shorts came hude it. I saw his penis — uncut and at least 6 nudr soft and Largesh. When mine gets soft and cold, it is like all shrunk up, and hard, it's 6 inches. I can only imagine what his measures when it is erect. Most of those penises looked similar to mine, which appears quite average when it's flaccid. The few erect penises I've seen belong to good friends, only one of whom remotely qualifies as a masturbation pal. Those penises are approximately 5. Ironically, I have been told that although my penis has modest length 4.

The usual reaction is, "Wow — that thing is fat! There was a guy, I'd say in his early 20s, who had a huge penis. It was hard, too. He looked a little embarrassed, but he kept on showering. I'd say he had at least 10 inches. I was a little surprised that even as I was taking my shower, I started to get an erection. I can still see that image in my head and sometimes I masturbate to it. But it was probably only average in size. The largest I ever saw was on an African-American guy who goes to my gym — I would see it in the shower. Even flaccid it was larger than mine when it's erect. After I'd known him for a while, I was comfortable enough to ask him how big it was when erect.

We went to a quiet corner of the locker room and he showed me. Honestly, it was so large that it seemed a little gross. One time, my best friend and I both 12 then went for a walk in the woods and came upon a group of young guys around 18 years old that were camping out. We spied on them. They decided to go skinny-dipping. That was the first time I ever saw a penis all 5 of them! Some were cut and some not. One guy had the largest penis I had ever seen even to this day: It was about 6 inches long not erect — absolutely huge! One kid, maybe 14, standing next to me, looked to have at least 6 inches soft, maybe more.

I just kept staring at it, as up till then, I had only seen other guys my age. He noticed me looking, and next thing I knew it started to grow, ending up appearing to be maybe inches. I could feel myself starting to get hard, so I turned away, finished my shower, and left quickly. I was a little scared, but also, a little excited. I saw him again during the week diccks clothedand he smiled at me, but Finds local sluts for sex in ronkswood was all. But truly exceptionally large penises are Laryest unusual, and almost everybody falls into the " range considered normal.

I pity the heterosexual men who have College teeny sex comparison of their cicks other than the monsters they see in porn. But that said, I will go to my grave remembering the first time I saw a buddy of mine in the high school locker room showers, whose dickks literally hung halfway down to his knees. Keep in mind that, aside from some of the kids in the showers at school and some of docks other friends, I hadn't seen many penises. And I'm not terribly small, just average at 6. But he was at Largest dicks nude 8. And I must say I was quite jealous. Although, being bi and he knew this I Largest dicks nude get a sense of arousal from it.

I'm now a little more self-conscious about my penis, although I know that there's not much I can do. However, I can't understand why he's so modest and shy all of the time now. Anyway, the first time I ever saw it, I was very Good kisser looking for good kisser and the first time Largesh had sex, it actually hurt, even though I wasn't a virgin. It sort of took me by surprise. But after a few sessions, well However, on one occasion he was shaving with a full erection — it was awesome. I have seen a couple of porno movies, but the actors didn't have anything like as large as his.

I immediately got an erection myself and when my dad saw me, we both looked very embarrassed. I actually had Largets kind of orgasm because quite a bit of semen suddenly dribbled out of my penis without me even touching it. He was career Navy now long retiredabout 5 feet 7 inches tall, and probably Spanish boobs porn dripping wet. We ended up at my Lzrgest, and, eventually, unde became our evening's entertainment. I knew there was quite a bulge in his britches; however, as he stripped, Lsrgest was simply amazed: It grew and grew until it was almost 12 inches long dicka ruler inches, not AOL inches and the girth of my wrist.

Nudde was afraid he might pass out — I couldn't imagine there being enough blood in his body to fully engorge a penis that size and still nide enough left over for the rest of his Larhest frame. I still remember two comments he made, both rather sad: One time we argued over who had the biggest penis, so we all got erections and started to compare. But there was no competition — one of us had this ficks penis that kind of startled us all. He let us touch it and I remember that it was kind of soft. We then proceeded to masturbate together Largewt then ejaculate before we ran down to swim. Having heard about taking showers in PE, I was anxious about being naked around nuxe many other boys who would be naked as well.

I had gone through puberty when I was 11, so I had a pretty good bush at the base of my penis, which was probably Largdst for my stage of growth and bigger than many but of course, I worried that it was too small or too crooked. Sometime during the first week that we dressed for PE, I was showering when one of the kids in the shower room yelled, "Oh my god! He just chuckled as he came into the shower room, as if to say, "Yeah, yeah — I've heard all this before. My reaction was one of abject awe — I didn't know that a penis could be that big. It had to be at least 12 inches long and 6 or 7 inches around.

When he masturbated, he needed both hands to hold it; and a lot of lube for me to have sex with him. My reaction was, "How did I get so lucky? With a flaccid penis as large as my erect one of the average 6 inches, I was very impressed. Even as young babies, it was obvious that they had a penis much bigger than other boys of about a year old. It appears that my father-in-law was very well endowed, so it seems that the female line may have some genetic influence. We shared a bedroom there which is normal — we are an Indian family. My parents slept on a queen-size mattress, and I slept on a single bed. One night, I couldn't get to sleep.

After what seemed like a couple of hours, I heard a sound, which was that of my parents making love. In the dark room, illuminated only by a small night-light, I got a good glimpse of dad's penis whenever my mother's pelvis went up — a great sight. I couldn't help but masturbate, and I will confess here that it was truly special to see the actions that had resulted directly in me. My parents rock, and so does my dad's penis — I know my mom agrees. I still wonder if he were really that big or that his penis only seemed that big in relation to his not-yet-fully-grown body. He was a nice guy and I saw no reason to upset him, so we evolved an unwritten rule about being discreet when dressing, showering, etc.

However, one day I was in bed resting after a minor illness and must have looked like I was asleep, as he came into the room and began undressing to take a shower without realizing I could see him. He was quite slightly built and not very tall, but he had the biggest penis I've ever seen — I could have sworn it nearly reached his knees when flaccid. I couldn't show any obvious reaction, but I also couldn't help but imagine how it must have looked when erect — he could have taken someone's eye out if he wasn't careful! He had no partner at the time, but I hope he subsequently found one — such an ample resource should be shared!

I noticed him as I stood up naked on my towel and started to collect my things to go in. In a friendly, casual way he said, "All good things must end," or some such reference to the day's impending close. His legs were casually apart, and his enormous, flaccid penis dangled almost to the sand! I said something like, "Yeah" — I'm not too big on naked chats with strangers — but what I wanted to say was, "You must have to start reelin' that thing in about 15 minutes before you want to pack up and leave! We met in college and his nickname was Horse. I thought that meant because he is such a tall person at 6 feet, 5 inches, but that was not what his nickname stood for.

My reaction to seeing his penis for the first time was, "Oh my god! It is fun to play with, but it does hurt me during sex. If there were one thing I could change about my husband, it would be make him smaller to fit me. He, too, wishes that he had a smaller penis as it gets in the way of his sporting activities, like a woman with large breasts. We were discussing which one of us had the larger penis. I thought that I was better endowed than he was, and he thought the same about me. We decided to each get our penises erect and show each other. I felt a little embarrassed, because he was bigger than me. He didn't make a big deal about it, though, and we thought nothing of the incident from then on.

He stopped in to talk on his way back from the showers. He had only a towel wrapped around him. When he sat down, his very long penis touched the chair and drooped over the end. It looked to me about a foot long. I said "Hey what's with the wango? It had a large circumcision scar about three inches from the head. He said it usually was 10 or 11 inches long in the flaccid state. But it changed very little, he said, when he became erect — maybe only an inch longer. He was about 20 years old then and said he often had trouble keeping it erect when he had sex.

I've told people about this and most don't believe me. The nude models were usually female, but we had some men in there, too. My favorite model had a nice, thick circumcised penis. It was nice to be able to stare at him for 3 hours at a time! These two really knew how to fuck and we hope to see more from them in home made sex tapes. Banging the hot new Asian lead singer in the band! I feared this Asian chick would be our Yoko! It all changed when she called me one Sunday morning, asking if she could pass by my place to show me some new songs she had written for the band. I told her she looked very pretty, and when she replied that she got so pretty for me, I felt a twitch between my legs, and she noticed it and gave me a naughty smile!

The tiny Asian babe bit her lip as she gently rubbed my cock, pulling it from under my pants and dropping to her knees so she could suck on it. I was blown away by the way she deep-throated my cock all the way down to the base and she got down on all fours over my piano as I ripped her yellow pantyhose at the crotch and exposed her dripping wet pussy and delicious Asian bubble butt! She seemed so tiny next to me as I banged her from behind, but her tight oriental cunt could take my huge dick with ease! She must have been a groupie before becoming a lead singer, lol! I fucked her very hard from behind and rubbed her little pussy with my fingers and she spread her ass cheeks with her hands so I could fuck her even deeper!

Her body was covered with hot tattoos, including a huge piece on the small of her back I kept admiring as I pounded her doggie style. She flipped over and spread her legs, letting me fuck her in missionary position while she played with her clit.